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This is where the fun really begins and in many ways!

If you love dressing up, then you will get to thoroughly enjoy
visiting my Manor and dressing up in the most wonderful outfits
to suit your style. My private English Garden Manor provides the
perfect setting, surrounded by trees and fields, paddocks and stables.

My Manor is private and secluded and is a safe environment for you to
experience a most fulfilling session, both inside and outside in my gardens!

Perfect for your wellbeing!

As with all meetings, I do like to start with a nice enjoyable cup of
tea, or coffee, so that you may relax, and feel at home, while we
go through a brief outline of the time you have with me.

A full transformation into a sissy maid includes the following:

Full Make-Over!

Starting with cleansing your face, followed by eye liner,
eye shadow layering shades, false eye lashes, mascara, base
foundation, face powder, blusher, pencil lip liner, red HOT lip stick!

I will be using light to heavy strokes, depending on how
much or how little you would love to have on!

Wigs and Accessories!

I have a superb collection of different style, lengths
and colour wigs, from blonde, brunette, red hed, and
varying shades of colours. I will take great pleasure in
selecting the one that's most suited to your shape of face!

I also have a variety of necklaces, false nails, lace gloves, false
earrings, decorative rings, bracelets, and handbags to suit your outfit!

Outfits and Sissy Dresses!

I do have a selection of sissy dresses, and cross dressing
outfits, such as pencil skirts, satin blouses, basques, lingerie,
fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, lacy suspenders and
some stiletto shoes. However, if you have your own set of clothes
that you wish to bring along, please do. If not, I will need to know
your dress size, to ensure I do have something for you to wear!

Enjoy the experience of transforming into a pretty maid, school gurl,
glamour gurl, or a slutty whore, as seen in my movies on this site!

What you may Experience!

When visiting my Manor, and experiencing a "Dressing Service", you may
indulge in some outside play (weather permitting) or descend the concrete
steps and enter my intimate candlelit dungeon for a BDSM session! Experience
maid duties in the kitchen, or impress me with your serving skills in my
imposing dining room with my very large Queen Anne table!

Perhaps you may like to experience a lesson in my school room,
sitting at my genuine old school desk with ink well, or I could have
you bent over the desk ready to take a good hard thwacking to your
peachy cheeks. Or I may have you over my knees for a traditional
hand spanking, the slipper, ruler, or whatever else I deem necessary
to carry out a most fulfilling punishment!

BDSM in My Dungeon!

My dungeon is small and intimate and has a variety of furniture
and implements to suit your session interests. The furniture is made
from Fetters and some pieces are hand made, strong and robust!

Two Meter Diameter Wheel

St. Andrew's Cross

Oak Cock Trampling Board

Cast Iron Whipping Bench

Cast Iron Chair

Low Long Wooden Bench

Cast Iron Bars with Leather Shackles

Leather Body Bag

Leather Straight Jacket

Leather Arm Binder

Cock Pump


Leather Parachute
& Lead Weights

Nipple Clamps

Kali's Teeth

Pegs, Pin Wheels & Leather Lace

Medieval Stocks

Whips, Crops & Canes

Paddles & Coshes

Leather Hoods and Gags

Anal Plugs, Strap-ons, Vibrators & Dildos

Four Cattle Prods

Leather Body Brace

Leather Straps & Dog Collars

Cling Film & PVC Tape

Wooden Rulers

And so much more . . . !

Naturally all sessions do not need to include any pain at all,
as you may simply like to dress up and enjoy a slice of cream cake,
after you've had the pleasure of baking it. Followed by a photo shoot
in the mature gardens, or inside on my Chaise Langue!

Or you may like to experience a combination! If you need some
ideas, please take a look at my Preview page! There you will see photos
giving you a very good idea of the type of sessions I provide.

The day may be tailored to your desires, so if there is something you
would like to add to your experience, please ensure you give as
much detail as possible when you write to me at:

Unlock your deepest darkest fantasy, unleash those wicked desires,
cum to me and live your dream, be a part of my world.

When booking your session with me, please ensure
you give specific details of your session interests.

Break down your interests in bullet points.


I will require you to arrive under your own steam.

I will expect you to be clean, and well dressed.

I will expect you to arrive punctual, not early or late!

Don't forget, if you should have any questions, do write to me.
Thank you, I very much look forward to hearing from you!



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