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Sadly, not many things in life are free, especially good things.

Would you love something for Free, something I have created just for you?
It's exciting, titillating, hot, steamy, informative, funny, and above all, exclusive!

I'm sure you would love to!?

Here's something special, for those who simply adore our world of
BDSM, Discipline, Fetish, Role Play and Vintage Cross Dressing!

So sign up now for your treat of Creme de la Creme!


Simply enter your Email below


Creme de la Creme is a mouth watering milking letter. Oh yes, I will be placing
you under a strict regime, giving you guidance, knowledge, and a sense of belonging,
being owned by Me. I will set you tasks to perform, challenges that will test your
abilities, and you will get an overwhelming insight into My life at My Manor House,
and extensive grounds, set deep in the beautiful countryside of England.

Even the name Creme de la Creme creates character, a sensuousness,
an exclusivity that is totally in keeping with the unique nature of
Lady Annabelle and


If you would like to write to me and divulge your experiences,
please send your letter to:


If you would like to become a member, please click the link below!




I very much look forward to seeing you inside!



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