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Hello to my wonderful sissy maids, and subservients!

New Year's Resolution 2017!

Make some time for yourself! I know, for many, this can be a tall order,
as our ever increasing pressurised lives are not getting any easier!

But, if you can find just half an hour of time every week, thirty
minutes could make all the difference to your well being. If you feel
you've suppressed your Fetish desires, it can have an impact on your
outlook. Sometimes it's good to have a goal to work towards, and if
you have something to look forward to, it will give you a lift, a little
spark, that spring in your step you've been wanting for so long.

Having conversations with so many of you, via the social media
platforms, such as Twitter, Face Book, and Fetlife, I have been truly
overwhelmed with compliments, and encouragement to continue
producing audio and quality movies for my membership websites.

Vintage Cross Dressing has been the last of the sites for me to
really sink my teeth into and give it a wonderful face lift. It's a time
consuming task, but one I thoroughly enjoy. I have produced so
much content over the years, and I'm now putting time into my
audio recordings. It's been said that my quintessential English
voice is silky, cultured and it's like drowning in honey!

Oh WOW, now that's pure gold for me, and it spurs me on
to want to produce more, so you can continue to cast your mind
off into a world of sensually seductive, wickedly debauched erotica.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

As I sit in my Office, looking out of my large Victorian sash windows,
the view of our stunning countryside is laced with snow, glistening from
the winter sun! We've finally had a light dusting, and as soon as it arrived,
it dumped it's load, and swiftly took off like a robber's dog! Well that was
the end of that! Now, it's a stunning spread of pastel blue, with the hazy
sun rays radiating across the rolling hills. A stark contrast to our
winter's tale! That's typical of our English weather!

Now that January is well under way, I'm looking forward to the arrival
of our Spring weather. With any luck, we will have plenty of dry weather,
fit for some outside fun in my luscious gardens! This is the time when we
start to notice longer daylight hours! That's got to be very good!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

What you'll experience with my forthcoming Milking Letters!

It's very simple, when you become a member, you will have the
opportunity of opening up my letters and listen to my seductive voice.
In preparation, it would be useful for you to set aside at least half an
hour of your time, uninterrupted. This is where you may retrieve your
favourite outfit, put it on, and enjoy listening to my sultry English voice.

I will instruct you to carry out tasks, this may be anything from purchasing
a bottle of my favourite perfume, for you to wear when I say, or you may be
told to wear a pair of fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings. I may permit
you to visit the milking parlour for release, or I may just take you right to
the edge, and demand you save it for the following day!

I will be providing you with real life experiences, so you may relate,
and know that you are not alone with your Fetish desires. Provide you
with places to shop for a particular item of wear, such as a lacy pair of
knickers, or Opera leather gloves. These items may be used by you
while under my instruction, guidance and control.

I may require you to carry out your chores, and request proof
that you have done so to the best of your ability. How good are your
house cleaning skills? Can you iron? Can you clean your bedroom?
Can you do the washing? Are you able to sweep and vacuum?

Can you cook? Do you like to bake? How good are you at adapting
to a particular situation? Can you walk in a pair of 6 inch stiletto shoes?

Can you multi-task?

My written audio erotica will have you climbing the walls, especially
if I have you locked in Chastity. Mmm . . . if you are a very good gurl,
I may, and only may, permit you to have a visit. But as with all treats,
I will expect you to clean up, and there is only one method to
ensure the job is done to my high expectations, and
that's with your tongue!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I will expect to see you inside, clean, shaven, and ready
to be used and abused for my pleasure and gratification!






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