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How would you like to have the opportunity of meeting me in person?

If any of the following appeals to you, and you wish to visit my beautiful Manor with
extensive grounds, for a truly mouth watering feminine transformation and beautification,
then write to me with your humble request, giving as much information as you can to:


My Availability

By Appointment Only, with at least two weeks notice!
(please note, I'm not available during the weekends at all)


I do receive a huge amount of emails daily, so please bear with me, as I respond to each
individual email personally and carefully, addressing all of one's interests in Fetish and
sissification sessions, as well as general inquiries relating to the members site.

When writing please provide the following:

I will need to know your session interests, along with your preferred date, time, and duration,
whilst taking into consideration my availability! Once a date and time has been provisionally
approved, I will require a deposit to be made to my designated bank account. The deposit is
there to secure your session with me. Once the deposit has been received, I will confirm in
writing. I will then write to you the night before with final confirmation and directions
to my Manor. I will request that you bounce back confirmation to ensure you have
received my directions, and that you will make every effort to arrive on time.

Should you cancel, the deposit is non-refundable!


The London Dungeon

My foreboding candlelit lair with cast iron furniture, whips, crops and toys provides the perfect
location for the experienced or novice submissive, who wishes to explore the sublime esoteric
Arts of BDSM and Fetish combined with Cross Dressing & Sissification!

If you are a novice and you're not quite ready for the dungeon scene, you may like to start with
a phone session, so you may hear the sound of my quintessential English voice seducing you!

Full details are found on my sessions page of how you can visit me in London. Please
ensure you read through the information provided, and if you are still wishing to book,
write to me with full details of the type of session you would like to experience.


Cross Dressing & Sissification

I do provide sessions at my Manor in the heart of the Kent countryside. My residential property
provides discrete grounds, woodland, mature gardens, paddocks and stables, with the ability for
you to truly experience being outside while completely transformed into my sissy whore!

Inside my Manor provides the perfect domestic setting, with kitchen for baking and oven cleaning,
while dressed in one of my chosen sissy outfits, stockings and suspenders, corsets or basques, stiletto
shoes, wigs, and full make-over. To make things a little more challenging, I also possess two hard-
wearing punishment outfits! How utterly delightful, to see my maid working very hard indeed!

My boardroom for you to practice how to be my perfect maid, dressing my large Queen Anne
table for the arrival of my guests! I will assess, judge and evaluate your skills, and if you fall
below my expectations, you will be taken down to my dungeon and punished accordingly.

My wonderful and most intimate candlelit lair beneath the old oak floorboards will provide a
most atmospheric setting for BDSM fun and frolics, using my extensive equipment and furniture!

If you would like to find out more about how you can visit my Manor, please write to me.


My Expertise

Discover the many Arts I specialise in, along with my fetish attire!

My time with you will always be conducted within a safe environment, ensuring your welfare
comes first. It is important that you are honest with me about your own health. Therefore, when
visiting me, if you are taking any medication for any reason, you must inform me before we start.

If you suffer from old sports injuries, let me know! You may be surprised to find how that can affect
your experience while bound tight in rope or leather bondage! If you suffer from claustrophobia,
please advise me, I will be very happy to help you manage your phobia in a positive way.

Believe it or not, the mind is the most powerful tool one possess's, if you have difficulties
with anything, I may be able to help you, but if you don't let me know, then I won't be able to help.

Contrary to popular belief, I sadly do not have a crystal ball, so please ensure you are open and
honest with your own abilities, as well as your health! If you would like to know more about my
Expertise, please click the link provided here and read the many areas I specialise in!


My Furniture

As well as the traditional pieces of furniture found in a dungeon, I am versatile and creative when
outside in my extensive grounds! The trees in the woods make superb props for some outside play.
My 8 ft brick wall gives a striking backdrop for military interrogation and bondage.

My mature gardens make the idyllic setting for my maids, while fully dressed in their sissy outfits.
If you would like to find out more, please click Furniture and read the entire page provided.

If you would like to see just how creative I am with my equipment, do take a good look through
my Preview page. There are so many images with descriptions for you to feast your eyes over.


My Wardrobe

Feast your eyes over the many stunning outfits I possess. Latex, Leather, PVC, Fur, Lingerie,
Corsets, Basques, Dresses, Nylon Seamed Stockings, Leather Gloves, designer Stiletto Shoes,
and my vast collection of exquisite leather stiletto boots. My wardrobe is extensive!

Take a look at the many pieces of specialist implements and toys I use.


Meeting at My Manor

If you are wishing to experience a session at my Manor, I will require you to arrive under your
own steam. This is an absolute pre-requisite for strict privacy reasons. Once your time with me
has come to an end, you may leave with no fuss or complication! My Manor is situated in the
heart of the countryside, with no mobile phone connection. Yes you really will be visiting a
remote location, that is surrounded by trees, it's private, and I would like to keep it that way!

When requesting a session, you must send in your inquiry via email giving full details of
your interests, limitations, and past experience, along with your name and mobile number!
Should you not make the effort to give as much detail about you as possible, then I will
not be as prepared as I would like to be. Contrary to popular belief, I really do not have a
crystal ball, so being clear about your request, along with your preferred date, time
and duration, will be much appreciated!! Please write to:


Please be assured your details will remain in the strictest of confidence,
I do NOT and will NOT call you without your prior knowledge!

Once I receive your email of interest to book, I will respond accordingly and request a deposit.
The deposit is there to secure your session with me. The deposit is paid into my designated
bank account. Once the deposit has been received, I will confirm in writing. I will then write to
you the night before with final confirmation and directions to my location.

If you would like to find out more about my expertise within the esoteric Arts of BDSM, Discipline,
Tease & Fetish, please click My Expertise above and feast your eyes over my sublime world of
Erotica! There really is so much to explore!!! The Members area will provide a real insight into
the type of sessions I provide, as well as getting a real feel for the way I am with my sissy maids!

Please note, the deposit is non refundable should you cancel.






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