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Fetishes include: Outside Humiliation, Encouraged Bi Sexual, Cum in Mouth, Sissification, Woodlands, Shackles.

Lady Annabelle sits in her office awaiting hobson's return from walking the dogs around her extensive grounds.
However, hobson enters rather perplexed and concerned as the dogs picked up a scent and movement in the wooded area beyond
her mature gardens. He believes to have seen a stalker lurking in the thicket with a pair of binoculars spying through the
kitchen window at sissy maid samantha. Hobson informs his Mistress that the dogs have been secured in their kennels.

Lady Annabelle raises her eyes, puts on her boots and gloves and they exit the front door in search for this mystery stalker!

Watch this incredibly intense story unfold, witness the debauchery that follows!


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Chloe has a little secret that she's kept hidden for many years!

Quite often she had wet dreams, and her dreams were getting stronger and stronger and always of the same thing!
She thought of nothing else other than wanting to dress up in a girl's sexy knickers, lingerie, stockings & suspenders and basques!

Oh how I love to tease and torment my gorgeous chloe, I wonder what kitti thinks of chloe's BIG cock!!!!

Mmm . . . . . . I can see kitti now, tongue hanging out waiting to have her juicy succulent
mouth well and truly fucked by chloe's rampant, hard throbbing, fuck meat!



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"Lady Annabelle's feeds Hobson Her delicious Honey Nectar!"

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Sissy Samantha enters the school room with a tray of tea and a bottle of Lady Annabelle's honey nectar!

Lady Annabelle is not impressed with Her sissy maid and orders the child out of the room. Meanwhile, Hobson has spent
hours in the cast iron cage, shackled and tightly bound in a gorgeous black satin corset. Lady Annabelle teases Hobson with Her
Stiletto Heels, and fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, and then She places the bottle with rubber teat into his mouth so
that he may suck and swallow Lady Annabelle's Honey Nectar to quench his thirst. Finally, Lady Annabelle releases
Hobson from the cage, and he crawls out like a little puppy dog in the vein hope he will be released from his tight corset!

Lady Annabelle has other ideas! Rather than release Hobson from his corset, She takes great pleasure in
tightening the laces using brute force, with one stiletto foot on his back while the other holds Her steady for that huge
tug. Tighter and tighter the lace is pulled, until it can't go any tighter. Hobson struggles with his corset, but he must suffer
in silence, and he is returned to his cast iron cage! How long can he continue under such immense pressure?

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Sissy maid samantha took a sneaky nap down in Lady Annabelle's candlelit Lair! While asleep her mind sinks into a
most debauched and shocking dream. While indulging in her wickedly decadent fantasy, time passes by, and it's
not long before hobson realise's the trouble she could be in if he doesn't try and rescue samantha!

Fetishes include: Electrics, Encouraged Bi, Sissification, Stocking Worship, Leather Glove Worship, Stiletto Boots,
St. Andrew's Cross, Bondage, Cock Sucking, Cock Clamping, CBT, Cum Eating, Boot Licking.

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Lady Annabelle relishes in outdoor fun and frolics, indulging in the spices of humiliating poor sissy maid samantha!

Fetishes include: Outside Humiliation, Sissification, Stocks, Food Sploshing, PVC Pants filled with gunky Splosh, Mouth filled with Chili Powder.
Sissy Maid Samantha endures a most humiliating round of food sploshing while strapped in Lady Annabelle's Stocks!

The stunning imagery in this movie depicts the quality of each and every HD movie seen inside the members site!


This stunning members site provides exclusive content filmed for our pleasure, so we may enjoy watching
naughty sissy maids getting up to mischief while indulging in the following Fetishes.

Outside Humiliation, shackled to a tree in my extensive gardens and grounds.

Sissy Whore in heaven, Puppy Play, Food Sploshing, Sissy in Medieval Stocks, Shackled in
My impressive courtyard while encouraged cum fed. Encouraged Feminisation, Stalker caught, tied and humiliated.

Georgeous t-gurl serves tea in the rose gardens. Slutty sissy gets mouth fucked. Sissy caged
and tormented. Hot candle wax poured through cage onto cock and balls! Isolation. Cling Film wrapped.
Bondage. Strap-on. Nipple Clamps. Gags. Pony Play. Adult Baby. Dressing Up. Wigs. Make-up!

Fully fashioned nylon seamed stocking worship. Midnight Debauchery. My Anal Harlot. My Dream
Saleable Whore. Halloween Extravaganza. Domestic Subversion. My Filthy School Girl. Nuns with bad Habits.
A Frolic in the Shower. The Nutcracker. Psychological castration. Christmas Debauchery and more!

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